Snake Warning: Keep your pugs safe this summer!

There has been reported increase activity in snake sightings around Australia. Most suburban dog owners are not aware that snakes are just as likely to be around your home and backyards as the nature park outside the city.

Inquisitive Pugs are very susceptible to finding snakes, and there have been cases this year of several pugs being bitten by poisonous snakes. Most have been reported in Queensland, but sighting in metro Sydney and Melbourne have been reported by our members. 20 pets are treated for snake bites alone at the Lord Smith Hospital.

What happens if you see a snake in your backyard? First is to leave it alone and remove your pug from the area. Have the local Snake Catcher on call (usually the council will recommend a few or have one themselves). Then leave it up to them!

If they are bitten, see a vet straight away. Signs include vomiting, salivating and tremors. These symptoms are soon followed by weakness and collapse in the Pug.

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