Recommend dog beds for Pugs & Small Breeds

Pugs take well to a range of common dog bed styles. Factors to take into consideration when choosing a dog bed is their size, mobility (age, health issues, patellas) and generally sleeping preferences. Do they like to sleep in space or prefer the cosy confines of an enclosed space?

Here is a list of our recommend styles of dog beds suitable for pugs and pug cross breeds.

Heavy Duty Dog Beds

A heavy duty dog beds are great for pugs with tough nails and a tendency to bite or chew (especially younger pups). We recommend a walled dog bed as it provides some benefits similar to a crate, the feeling of a safe resting place. Removable mattresses are great as you can use them separate to the walled bed and also in a crate.

Trampoline Dog Beds

Versatile and great for all seasons, especially with the plethora of hybrid 3-in-1 beds available today, combining a trampoline mesh bed frame with a mattress. Pug’s small stature should be taken into consideration for some styles such as raised dog beds. Older and less mobile pugs may have difficulty with higher trampoline dog beds so be sure to find an appropriate size and height. Trampoline dog beds have advantages including flea prevention and heating/cooling effects in different seasons.


Enclosed Dog Beds

One of our favourite beds for Pugs are enclosed dog beds. These mimic a crate, so if you crate train, your pug will take it them in no time. We highly recommend the Choozy dog bed range, as they are custom made to order in South Australia and have been so for almost 30 years!

Higher priced but worth the investment as their beds are known to last years and years!