Recommend dog beds for Pugs & Small Breeds

Pugs take well to a range of common dog bed styles. Factors to take into consideration when choosing a dog bed is their size, mobility (age, health issues, patellas) and generally sleeping preferences. Do they like to sleep in space or prefer the cosy confines of an enclosed space?

Here is a list of our recommend styles of dog beds suitable for pugs and pug cross breeds.

Heavy Duty Dog Beds

A heavy duty dog beds are great for pugs with tough nails and a tendency to bite or chew (especially younger pups). We recommend a walled dog bed as it provides some benefits similar to a crate, the feeling of a safe resting place. Removable mattresses are great as you can use them separate to the walled bed and also in a crate.

Trampoline Dog Beds

Versatile and great for all seasons, especially with the plethora of hybrid 3-in-1 beds available today, combining a trampoline mesh bed frame with a mattress. Pug’s small stature should be taken into consideration for some styles such as raised dog beds. Older and less mobile pugs may have difficulty with higher trampoline dog beds so be sure to find an appropriate size and height. Trampoline dog beds have advantages including flea prevention and heating/cooling effects in different seasons.


Enclosed Dog Beds

One of our favourite beds for Pugs are enclosed dog beds. These mimic a crate, so if you crate train, your pug will take it them in no time. We highly recommend the Choozy dog bed range, as they are custom made to order in South Australia and have been so for almost 30 years!

Higher priced but worth the investment as their beds are known to last years and years!


Snake Warning: Keep your pugs safe this summer!

There has been reported increase activity in snake sightings around Australia. Most suburban dog owners are not aware that snakes are just as likely to be around your home and backyards as the nature park outside the city.

Inquisitive Pugs are very susceptible to finding snakes, and there have been cases this year of several pugs being bitten by poisonous snakes. Most have been reported in Queensland, but sighting in metro Sydney and Melbourne have been reported by our members. 20 pets are treated for snake bites alone at the Lord Smith Hospital.

What happens if you see a snake in your backyard? First is to leave it alone and remove your pug from the area. Have the local Snake Catcher on call (usually the council will recommend a few or have one themselves). Then leave it up to them!

If they are bitten, see a vet straight away. Signs include vomiting, salivating and tremors. These symptoms are soon followed by weakness and collapse in the Pug.

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Victora takes to lead with the fight against Puppy Farms

Great news for puppies, dogs and humans alike!

The Andrew’s Government in Victoria launched their promised legislation to protect society against the cruel parctice of puppy farms. Their official release can be found here¬†

A large portion of our rescue pugs are surrendered or rescued from people who have purchased from pet stores and puppy farms. The puppy farm and pet store industry breeds pugs and other breeds in a commercial manner with no respect for the animals welfare. We’ve seen some Pug bitches with over 10 litters in their life time. Buying from a registered pug breeder ensures a bitch is only breed to have 3 litters max in most states.

What we like about the new legislation

  • $5 million grant to the RSPCA to establish inspectors with powers to audit and review puppy farms
  • Increase in data collection and monitoring of farms
  • A cap of 10 breeding dogs in any business by 2020. We hope puppy farms do not circumvent this loophole by operating several businesses
  • A raft other other measures to curb the spread of puppy farms

Our recommendations to all visitors and potential owners of pugs is simple. Purchase only from registered breeders and not pet stores or puppy farms. Any pet store claiming to purchase from a registered breeder is most likely an elaborate lie.

The best option of course is to adopt a rescue. Give a pug the wonderful life they deserve and they will reward you with an immense happiness!

Prepare your Pug for winter

Anyone living in the Eastern coast of Australia now should be feeling the first major winter blast coming through. It is a good time to remind ourselves that our precious pugs need quality love in preparing them for the colder weather.

Pugs are natural small dogs without a significant double coat. Therefore they are more susceptible to the cold. Look out on days of cold (under 10c) and keep them away from being exposed to wind chill and low temps. A winter coat is a good idea to keep them warm and dry when outside.

Australia is fortunate not to have icy conditions (unless you live in Tas or the Alps). So ice and cold ground doesn’t affect our Australian pugs as much as those in the Northern Hemisphere. Their feets do have less insulation than bigger dogs so do keep that in mind when talking them for longer walks in the cold. I recommend avoiding socks in Australia as they are generally unnecessary and more for vanity.

Stay safe and wish you and your pug a warm cozy winter!


Pug Memes of the Month

Let’s break up the cold winter month with some pug memes from around the world.

Hope you are all keeping your little pugs warm as the cold weather has finally hit most parts of Australia! The pugs in our group sure enjoyed the extended heat wave.

Naughty pugs recycle

friendly group of pugs

Definitive List of Pug Rescue and Adoption Groups in Australia

Our group has been compiling the most definitive and comprehensive list of Pug Rescue, Adoption and re-homing centres around Australia. We keep this list updated throughout the year and welcome submissions, corrections and updates from all groups. Please contact Janet King at

Nationwide / Multi-State  РWell established and now with reps across multiple states¬†– Probably Australia’s most well known and established pet/dog rescue site. Not pug specific but pugs and pug crosses do feature time to time¬†– An excellent group promoting re-homing and adoption over euthanasia. Advocates of the ‘no kill policy’

New South Wales¬† ‚Äď An active and well-established group with a dedicated NSW team rescuing pugs from puppy farms, as well as accepting surrenders.¬† Access PUGS SOS via its website or Facebook. РFacebook Group for The Pug Dog Club of NSW. РOutdated site but active. All dogs РNSW branch of the RSPCA. All dogs – Good resource and club for NSW pug owners. Established since ’49 – Good rescue organisation for Newcastle and Surrounds. All Dogs

Victoria РVery active, very well established. An excellent standard for Pug Rescue and re-homing РAssociated page to Pug Rescue Vic. Highly active with over 50,000 users!

 Western Australia РNot overly active or fresh site but please call Sue for updates and info

South Australia РAll dogs, SA



200,000 rescue milestone from!

The wonderful organisation at have announced they have re homed an amazing 200,000 rescues in their short but active time as an rescue organisation.

This was from their release:

“Earlier this month, the PetRescue counter ticked over to reach 200,000 pets adopted!¬†All these rescue pets, including our 200,000th adoptee Cricket, are now safe, secure and spending the rest of their days in loving homes.”

Great work! While has yet to reach even a 2,000 milestone we are pleased to see such a positive number of adoptions in Australia



Happy New Year from the Pug Rescue team!

We’d like to wish everyone who has supported over the years a very happy new year. Our hope is to continue our growth and expand our reach and ultimately rescue more Pug and Pug X breeds in the new year. No of this would be possible without the help of the core team and their supports and all those who have chosen to re-home a pug. Here’s to a wonderful 2014 for pug and pug owners alike!

Obligatory pug with head ornament photo!

pug happy new year 2014

pug happy new year 2014