Victora takes to lead with the fight against Puppy Farms

Great news for puppies, dogs and humans alike!

The Andrew’s Government in Victoria launched their promised legislation to protect society against the cruel parctice of puppy farms. Their official release can be found hereĀ

A large portion of our rescue pugs are surrendered or rescued from people who have purchased from pet stores and puppy farms. The puppy farm and pet store industry breeds pugs and other breeds in a commercial manner with no respect for the animals welfare. We’ve seen some Pug bitches with over 10 litters in their life time. Buying from a registered pug breeder ensures a bitch is only breed to have 3 litters max in most states.

What we like about the new legislation

  • $5 million grant to the RSPCA to establish inspectors with powers to audit and review puppy farms
  • Increase in data collection and monitoring of farms
  • A cap of 10 breeding dogs in any business by 2020. We hope puppy farms do not circumvent this loophole by operating several businesses
  • A raft other other measures to curb the spread of puppy farms

Our recommendations to all visitors and potential owners of pugs is simple. Purchase only from registered breeders and not pet stores or puppy farms. Any pet store claiming to purchase from a registered breeder is most likely an elaborate lie.

The best option of course is to adopt a rescue. Give a pug the wonderful life they deserve and they will reward you with an immense happiness!