Prepare your Pug for winter

Anyone living in the Eastern coast of Australia now should be feeling the first major winter blast coming through. It is a good time to remind ourselves that our precious pugs need quality love in preparing them for the colder weather.

Pugs are natural small dogs without a significant double coat. Therefore they are more susceptible to the cold. Look out on days of cold (under 10c) and keep them away from being exposed to wind chill and low temps. A winter coat is a good idea to keep them warm and dry when outside.

Australia is fortunate not to have icy conditions (unless you live in Tas or the Alps). So ice and cold ground doesn’t affect our Australian pugs as much as those in the Northern Hemisphere. Their feets do have less insulation than bigger dogs so do keep that in mind when talking them for longer walks in the cold. I recommend avoiding socks in Australia as they are generally unnecessary and more for vanity.

Stay safe and wish you and your pug a warm cozy winter!


Pug Memes of the Month

Let’s break up the cold winter month with some pug memes from around the world.

Hope you are all keeping your little pugs warm as the cold weather has finally hit most parts of Australia! The pugs in our group sure enjoyed the extended heat wave.

Naughty pugs recycle

friendly group of pugs