Definitive List of Pug Rescue and Adoption Groups in Australia

Our group has been compiling the most definitive and comprehensive list of Pug Rescue, Adoption and re-homing centres around Australia. We keep this list updated throughout the year and welcome submissions, corrections and updates from all groups. Please contact Janet King at

Nationwide / Multi-State  – Well established and now with reps across multiple states – Probably Australia’s most well known and established pet/dog rescue site. Not pug specific but pugs and pug crosses do feature time to time – An excellent group promoting re-homing and adoption over euthanasia. Advocates of the ‘no kill policy’

New South Wales  – An active and well-established group with a dedicated NSW team rescuing pugs from puppy farms, as well as accepting surrenders.  Access PUGS SOS via its website or Facebook. – Facebook Group for The Pug Dog Club of NSW. – Outdated site but active. All dogs – NSW branch of the RSPCA. All dogs – Good resource and club for NSW pug owners. Established since ’49 – Good rescue organisation for Newcastle and Surrounds. All Dogs

Victoria – Very active, very well established. An excellent standard for Pug Rescue and re-homing – Associated page to Pug Rescue Vic. Highly active with over 50,000 users!

 Western Australia – Not overly active or fresh site but please call Sue for updates and info

South Australia – All dogs, SA