Welcome to the new PugRescue.com.au Pug adoption group

PugRescue.com.au, Pug Rescue, Rehousing & Welfare is run by volunteers strictly on a non-profit basis. We are a registered charity and operate on donations and adoption fees. The Rescue was established to serve the needs of Pugs needing homes.

We accept ANY legally owned Pug for rehousing. Adoptive homes are well screened for their suitability to care for one of our special Pugs.


New Rescue Listings now available!

We are not about supplying FREE or CHEAP Pugs. If you want a puppy or wish to breed from your Pug we suggest you purchase from a registered breeder.

If you would like to offer a loving, caring home to a Pug that may not have had a great life then you have come to the right place.

Our Pugs vary in age and health. We rarely get puppies. Some Pugs come to us in perfect health while others need some or extensive treatment.

Adoption is by way of application. Once we receive your application it is kept on our register. When a Pug comes to us we cross reference the needs of the Pug to the register of applicants to find exactly the right home for that particular Pug. See the Selection link for more information about how we select from the applicants.

See the link above for some of the Pugs that may be available.

Our Pugs are not free. We ask the adoptive family to reimburse us for the costs associated with getting the Pug fit for adoption. Costs include desexing, vaccination, microchipping and vet check.

It is important that you have good knowledge of the breed and it’s needs


We understand that from time to time for many different reasons people may need to surrender their Pug in the hope that it can be found a new home.

We accept ANY Pug regardless of it’s age, history or medical condition. We have a wide range of applicants on our register willing and able to take on Pugs of various ages and conditions.

  • We are completely confidential. No one will ever know where the Pug has come from.
  • Absolutely no questions asked.
  • No cost to surrender.
  • We can often arrange the collection of the Pug from you at short notice if required.

Thanks again to http://www.rspca.org.au/ for giving us the technical and organisational support in getting our site and group back up and running. We also like to thank our other sponsors and we have those listed on our sponsors page