Definitive List of Pug Rescue and Adoption Groups in Australia

Our group has been compiling the most definitive and comprehensive list of Pug Rescue, Adoption and re-homing centres around Australia. We keep this list updated through out the year and welcome submissions, corrections and updates from all groups. Please contact Janet King at

Nationwide / Multi State  – Well established and now with reps across multiple states - Probably Australia’s most well known and established pet/dog rescue site. Not pug specific but pugs and pug crosses do feature time to time - Excellent group promoting re-homing and adoption over euthanasia. Advocates of the ‘no kill policy’

New South Wales

Unfortunately since 2011 the 2 dedicated pug rescue groups/individuals have ceased to be active. There are still many organisations that run excellent dog rescue groups with pugs occasionally. - Facebook Group for The Pug Dog Club of NSW. - Outdated site but active. All dogs - NSW branch of the RSPCA. All dogs – Good resource and club for NSW pug owners. Established since ’49 – Good rescue organisation for Newcastle and Surrounds. All Dogs

Victoria - Very active, very well established. An excellent standard for Pug Rescue and re-homing - Associated page to Pug Rescue Vic. Highly active with over 50,000 users!

 Western Australia - Not overly active or fresh site but please call Sue for updates and info

South Australia - All dogs, SA



Prepare your Pug for winter

Anyone living in the Eastern coast of Australia now should be feeling the first major winter blast coming through. It is a good time to remind ourselves that our precious pugs need quality love in preparing them for the colder weather.

Pugs are natural small dogs without a significant double coat. Therefore they are more susceptible to the cold. Look out on days of cold (under 10c) and keep them away from being exposed to wind chill and low temps. A winter coat is a good idea to keep them warm and dry when outside.

Australia is fortunate not to have icy conditions (unless you live in Tas or the Alps). So ice and cold ground doesn’t affect our Australian pugs as much as those in the Northern Hemisphere. Their feets do have less insulation than bigger dogs so do keep that in mind when talking them for longer walks in the cold. I recommend avoiding socks in Australia as they are generally unnecessary and more for vanity.

Stay safe and wish you and your pug a warm cozy winter!


Pug Memes of the Month

Let’s break up the cold winter month with some pug memes from around the world.

Hope you are all keeping your little pugs warm as the cold weather has finally hit most parts of Australia! The pugs in our group sure enjoyed the extended heat wave.

Naughty pugs recycle

friendly group of pugs

200,000 rescue milestone from!

The wonderful organisation at have announced they have re homed an amazing 200,000 rescues in their short but active time as an rescue organisation.

This was from their release:

“Earlier this month, the PetRescue counter ticked over to reach 200,000 pets adopted! All these rescue pets, including our 200,000th adoptee Cricket, are now safe, secure and spending the rest of their days in loving homes.”

Great work! While has yet to reach even a 2,000 milestone we are pleased to see such a positive number of adoptions in Australia



Happy New Year from the Pug Rescue team!

We’d like to wish everyone who has supported over the years a very happy new year. Our hope is to continue our growth and expand our reach and ultimately rescue more Pug and Pug X breeds in the new year. No of this would be possible without the help of the core team and their supports and all those who have chosen to re-home a pug. Here’s to a wonderful 2014 for pug and pug owners alike!

Obligatory pug with head ornament photo!

pug happy new year 2014

pug happy new year 2014

Welcome to the new Pug adoption group, Pug Rescue, Rehousing & Welfare is run by volunteers strictly on a non-profit basis. We are a registered charity and operate on donations and adoption fees. The Rescue was established to serve the needs of Pugs needing homes.

We accept ANY legally owned Pug for rehousing. Adoptive homes are well screened for their suitability to care for one of our special Pugs.


New Rescue Listings now available!

We are not about supplying FREE or CHEAP Pugs. If you want a puppy or wish to breed from your Pug we suggest you purchase from a registered breeder.

If you would like to offer a loving, caring home to a Pug that may not have had a great life then you have come to the right place.

Our Pugs vary in age and health. We rarely get puppies. Some Pugs come to us in perfect health while others need some or extensive treatment.

Adoption is by way of application. Once we receive your application it is kept on our register. When a Pug comes to us we cross reference the needs of the Pug to the register of applicants to find exactly the right home for that particular Pug. See the Selection link for more information about how we select from the applicants.

See the link above for some of the Pugs that may be available.

Our Pugs are not free. We ask the adoptive family to reimburse us for the costs associated with getting the Pug fit for adoption. Costs include desexing, vaccination, microchipping and vet check.

It is important that you have good knowledge of the breed and it’s needs


We understand that from time to time for many different reasons people may need to surrender their Pug in the hope that it can be found a new home.

We accept ANY Pug regardless of it’s age, history or medical condition. We have a wide range of applicants on our register willing and able to take on Pugs of various ages and conditions.

  • We are completely confidential. No one will ever know where the Pug has come from.
  • Absolutely no questions asked.
  • No cost to surrender.
  • We can often arrange the collection of the Pug from you at short notice if required.

Thanks again to for giving us the technical and organisational support in getting our site and group back up and running. We also like to thank our other sponsors and we have those listed on our sponsors page



Welcome to Pug Rescue WA

We rescued Milo in 2010

Happy milo, our first Pug Rescue rehoming

Pug Rescue, Rehousing & Welfare WA is run by volunteers. The Rescue was established as there was not a comprehensive service to the breed.

We accept ANY Pug and most cross breeds for rehousing. Adoptive homes are well screened for their suitability to care for one of our special Pugs.

We are just beginning this operation here in WA, and will slowly update this site with new material with what is happening.

Some pictures of some successful pugs in happy homes.

Two saved pugs

Happy after rehoming


Pug selfie shot

rehomed Pug adoption

Rehomed just before winter 2013!

Our open day was a success! Open day 2012 in WA


Our Supporters

We would like to thank all our old and new sponsors that have made PugRescue.Com.Au what it is today

Without the support we would never had rehomed over 50 pugs in 2013. We plan on rehoming many more in 2014

Other Pug Rescue groups in states around Australia are doing a fantastic job in their areas. We like to give a shout out to – Pug Rescue and Adoption VIC – Pug SOS - Central Coast Pug Rescue. Doing a great job up there